The best is produced when both sides come together!

When we in 2004 accompanied the first companies in Kosovo, was not yet clear what needs should evolve in the coming years.

The independence of Kosovo, the transformation of the company to nearshoring and the economic dynamics that have developed, are just some of the reasons why this country has become interesting for investors and companies not only from Germany.

Our success will be possible primarily through a wide area network (our “Kosovo AG”). Therefore, our team constantly maintains good contacts with business associations, municipalities, ministries and universities, whereby not only a familiar situation has emerged. But also a number of social projects in Kosovo are encouraged and supported by us.

Our experienced team, with roots both in Kosovo and in Germany, so is your ideal partner when it comes to your ventures and activities in Kosovo.

As a premium partner of the State Government agency KIESA (Kosovo´s investment and business development agency), we have grown on all aspects. In cooperation we have accommodated many foreign investors and those stand by us to date.


A professional and well-rehearsed FAMA team supports you during your business start-up and provides an option for continuing support after the establishment.

Our Advisory Board consists of experts from the industry with many years of professional experience.

Prof.Dr. Blerim Halili

Dipl. Finanzwirt Karl-Heinz-Matt

Prof.Dr. Nuhi Rexhepi

Prof.Dr. Orhan Çeku

Ph.D. Hashim Rexhepi

Ph.D. Ilir Bytiqi

Ph.D. Sherif Gashi

M.Sc. Argjend Avdiu

M.Sc. Evliana Behrami

M.Sc. Besnik Dullovi

M.Sc. Imer Mushkolaj

Dipl. Ing. Roman Bertram

Mr. Burim Neziri