Market Research / Analysis

Never the markets have moved so fast as today; a direct consequence of the globalization effects. Our FAMA team in collaboration with partner networks provides a concrete and detailed market research in order to successfully place their products on the Kosovar market.

By consistently focusing on our core competencies, a field-proven quality management as well as a meaningful, simple language, we offer our customers a unique service quality and poise on the Kosovan market. All elaborations can be obtained in electronic form or access from us:

– Definition and clarification of the problem

– Methods of data collection

– Competition

– Data Analysis

– Documentation, interpretation and application

Management consultancy

With our partners in Kosovo and Germany, we advise you on the organization and running of your logistics and the entire corporate structure so that your activities in Kosovo fit best in the rest of your business. Particular attention is paid to the optimization of foreign trade law issues.

– Organization / Processes

– Corporate Development

– Production / Logistics

– Controlling / Finance

– Sales/ Marketing

– Purchasing

– Human Resource Management

– Export / International

– Succession / Sales

Preparation and implementation of business

Know and appreciate the country and people! This is our motto, which we subject our organizational activities, when it comes to implementing business.

Whether first information or an existing concrete plan: whatever your goals are, we will provide you a complete program together. Flights, car rental , interpreters, catering, tour guide and everything else contributes to the success of your trip, you can let it in our hands!

We organize on-site appointments with companies, associations, government departments, social institutions, universities, etc. The FAMA employees focus on your expectations and needs.

– Flight Germany – Kosovo / Kosovo Germany

– Travel Transfer

– Cooperation exchanges including interpreters

– Catering during the entire stay, including hotel

– Individual schedule (offices / associations / organizations / companies / message )

Support for business creation

Founding a company in Kosovo can be realized by us for you within a few days (max. 2).

As an entrepreneur, it applies only to perceive a notary, the remaining bureaucracy is easily and quickly done by our experts. In the meantime, the business owner can concentrate on its core competencies.

Whether subsidiary or an independent company, whether market entry / paragraph or an “extended workbench”: We accompany you on all your steps through the creation process and grab you by the arms in all relevant decisions.

From the choice of the legal form of your company on the construction or rental of an object to consulting for tax-optimized design: jointly and together with our excellent partners both in Germany as well as in Kosovo, we will implement your plans.

– Consulting and implementation of business creation

– Examination of investment concepts for company formation

– Control regulatory issues and establishing contacts with decision-makers

– Mediation of certified interpreters, lawyers, notaries, tax consultants, etc.

– Assistance in recruiting

– Selection of buildings and land

– Auditing / certification your company

Acquisition of industry representation

Through a very long and intensive work experience in different fields and in direct contact with customers, we see ourselves as a link between the industry and our customers.

Furthermore are extensive expertise and sound advice by trained employees at FAMA SH.PK a matter of course.

Through our counseling and care of more than 500 companies, we have not only the know-how but also built up the appropriate network in our “Kosovo AG” over the years.

– Technical and commercial advice

– Product Training and Presentation

– Preparation of a range of tenders and proposals

– Settlement of Returns and Complaints

– Regular visitors frequency and acquisition of new customers

– Marketing support for new or existing products

– Mediation of business contacts and cultivating existing customer contacts

– Mediation of wage labor on the Kosovar market

Mediation of wage labor on the Kosovo market

We provide business contacts forth for German companies with the aim of winning new customers and new suppliers and be able to produce at low cost at the same time.

The successful mediation of wage labor requires expertise and the right contacts.

Our FAMA team ensures this in their interest for you.

– Successful interception of peak periods

– Cost-effective production with consistent quality

– Flexible operation in the market

– Get one partner for manufacturing, logistics, consignment and shipping

– Reduce friction losses between subprocesses