Why Kosovo

Experience Kosovo with FAMA from a completely different angle as it is shown as in the media.
An extraordinary country with unknown natural beauties, and hospitable and eager to learn young people awaits you. A country with many investment opportunities and very attractive for investors.
The professional and rehearsed FAMA team supports you during your business start-up and also accompany on our way forward.


The strategic location
The land is located in the heart of the Balkans and thus serves as a connecting bridge
between the countries of Southeast Europe. Due to its unique geographical location, Kosovo has access to the growing market in the Balkans and Central Europe,
which has 28 million potential customers to discover.

The infrastructure
The good infrastructural connection between Germany and Kosovo (Flight about 2 hours), the excellent local infrastructure (including telecommunications allows you a fast and optimal operation of all business processes.

The labor market
A currently extremely young population in Kosovo guarantees low Fluctuation at high performance, with an average income from 350 Euro per month with skilled and trained workforce.

The taxation system
The Kosovar taxation system is very easy and it is the most attractive in the Balkans, perhaps even in Europe. VAT 18%, Profit tax (VAT.) 10%, personal income tax progressive max. 10%.

The Justice
The applicable commercial law provisions are in accordance with the EU legal framework, all the laws available online and in English.

The economic zones
In the Republic of Kosovo there are several so-called economic zones which can be provided for investors. They are divided in several plots according to business activity and have the entire infrastructure.

The liberal trade
Kosovo is since 2007 part of CEFTA and benefits from Autonomous Trade Preferences (ATP) with the EU and duty-free trade with the US and trade relations with Japan and Norway and thus has a free access to 520 million consumers in the EU, the US and many other countries.

Operating costs
The main advantage of the Kosovar labor market is the low cost of ownership. Kosovo is the most competitive country in Europe, with many advantages for foreign investors.

Facts on Kosovo

Area: 10.908 km²

Capital: Pristina

Population: 1.8 million

Distribution: 42% urban, 58% rural

Languages: Albanian, Serbian, English, German

Diaspora: More than 800,000 people who live abroad.

Currency: Euro

The gross domestic product (GDP) in 2011: € 5.1 billion, per capita: € 2,833, growth rate: 5.0% driven primarily by the growth of the private sector.

Inflation: 4.4% on average per year over the past five years.

Financial Sector: Two-tier banking system, which consists of the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo and 8 private banks, 11 insurance companies and two pension schemes.

Company: About 60,000 active SMEs in 2011, approximately 50% of total SMEs are active in the trade sector. The number of state-owned enterprises currently stands at 595, of which there are 329 state-owned enterprises in the privatization phase or are already privatized.

Budget: In 2015, approximately € 1.6 billion.

Tax system: VAT 18%, income tax 10%, personal income tax progressive max. 10%.

Rates of duty: 10% import tariffs, no duties on raw materials, capital and intermediate goods; Excise duty on fuel, tobacco, alcohol and luxury goods. No duties and taxes on exports..

Free trade: Duty free access to the EU market based on the EU Autonomous Trade Preferences (ATP); Central European Free Trade Agreement CEFTA; Preferential treatment of goods exported to the US market.


Holidays … in Kosovo?
Ski resorts, lake districts, good food, history, culture and a lot of hospitality. Few would think of these keywords about Kosovo. Even thirteen years after the Civil War, many associate Kosovo with violence, war, poverty and ethnic conflicts.

The Republic of Kosovo is a very young country, which is constantly evolving. The nature attracts the tourists with its high mountains, beautiful lakes, rivers and virgin forests. The sights are diversified and it is always a visit to a foreign, exciting world.

Here, the small country has much to offer in the heart of Europe. For example, Novo Brda. Half an hour’s drive away from Prishtina is the 4000 Soul City, the “green lung” of the Balkan state. Wide, green hills draw the landscape, small rivers rippling down the slopes. On the slopes, little calves and goats jumping. In this idyll are Orthodox and Catholic churches next to mausoleums, monasteries and ruins of old castles. The Fortress Kalaja is even a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Kosovo is not an everyday holiday and a staying here, whether for business or pleasure, is always an adventure. And we want to experience this adventure with you!

The most visited city in Kosovo is the capital Pristina. It is the cultural and economic center of the country and was for the first time in the 13th century residence of the former ruler.

There are some attractions in Pristina, including the mosques like Sultan Mehmet II.-al-Fatih Mosque or the Jasar Pasha Mosque. In Novo Brda are Orthodox and Catholic churches next to mausoleums, monasteries and ruins of old castles. Prizren is a beautiful old city with many attractions. The forests of Rugova and the Sharr mountain peaks up to 2600 meters. The ancient monasteries of Deçan and the most famous stalactite hell of Gadime are just some of the many attractions that Kosovo has to offer.

It is located in the center of the Balkan Peninsula of Kosovo which borders on the southwest with Albania. In the north and east the country borders with Serbia. In the north-west Montenegro and Macedonia in the southeast.

If you want to spend your holidays in Kosovo and do not want to compromise on comfort and safety, then you have come to the right place!

Especially the region around Rugova in western Kosovo is popular with local tourists, because there are a few hotels and apartments. Visitors of Rugova usually go hiking or mountain biking and climbing the surrounding peaks of up to 2600 meters. Many also come because of the local cuisine with lots of lamb and fresh picked berries.

The sources of the River Drin and its famous waterfalls, make the village Radavc another popular destination where Kosovar families that children can swim carefree. The Batllava see, for example, it is located only 30 km northeast of Pristina. Under the motto “Your way to Kosovo!”, You can experience an unforgettable time with us, FAMA and our cooperation partner RUGOVA EXPERIENCE. Curious? Then do not lose time,
contact us on: info@fama-consulting.de.